Level 3 Qigong Formal Study

Level 3 Qigong Formal Study Retreat – Transformative Qigong (11-day, 10-night Retreat)

Head Teacher: Dr.Liping Zhu, DAOM, L.Ac.

All our programs are subject to change without notice. Please follow our website for updated info.

Prerequisite: minimum of Level 1&2 Qigong Formal Study Program by HEQI or by Qi Dragon Healing Center
Baishi is no longer required after 2020.

Qigong Level 3 Retreat Contents: Theory and Methods 理论和功法内容

1. Formless Collecting Qi Method
2. Visualization Method
3. Spirit Light Method
4. Wu Ji Stance
5. Washing Marrow Method
6. Accelerated Macrocosmic Orbit Method
7. Nourishing Shen Method
8. Samadhi (Ru Ding) Training
9. Distant Diagnosis (Qian Li Zhen Bing)
10. Distant Healing (Qian Li Zhi Bing)
11. Qigong Hypnosis (Qigong Cui Mian)
12. Three-Minute Refreshing Mind Gong
13. Three-Minute Brightening Eye Gong
14. Supplementing Source Method
15. Defensive Qigong
16. Spontaneous Movement Gong (Qigong Dance and Art)
17. Qigong for Weight Loss
18. Qigong Fasting (Bi Gu Level 3 – Four day Bi Gu)
19. Level 3 Te Yi Medical Qigong : Six Advanced Medical Qigong Healing Methods 高级治病手法

Level 3 Qigong Retreat Tentative General Schedule:

Day 1: Arrival Day: be there anytime after lunch but before 3pm; orientation at 4pm, dinner at 6:30pm

Day 1-3 Receive new teachings (Regular Schedule)
Day 4 Qigong Intensive Day (Alternative Schedule)
Day 5-8 Qigong Fasting (Bi Gu) Silent Retreat (Alternative Schedule)
Day 9-10 Practice & teachings (Regular Schedule)
Day 11 Departure after breakfast

This schedule has a required 4-day Bi Gu. Please don’t sign up for this training if you don’t think you can follow the schedule. Bi Gu can be modified according to each individual’s condition.

Level 3 Qigong Retreat Regular Schedule: (Alternative schedule for Bi Gu days)

5:30am Getting up
6:00am-6:45am Meditation
6:45-7:45am Dynamic Qigong
8am Breakfast (Collecting Qi/Drinking Yi Water during Fasting days)
9:30-12:00 Morning Session

12:30-1:30pm Lunch
1:30-2:30pm Sleeping Qigong
3:00pm-4:30 Afternoon Session

6:30pm Dinner (Collecting Qi/Drinking Yi Water during Silent and Fasting days)
8pm-9pm Ru Ding Qigong Meditation
9:30pm Bedtime

Level 3 Enhancement Bi Gu Retreat (9-day, 8-night Retreat)

Prerequisite: Level 3 Formal Study Retreat or Level 1 Certificate Program with minimum 3-day Bi Gu experience

Level 3 Bi Gu Enhancement Retreat is an intensive practice opportunity for deepening the Level 3 Formal Study training and for deeper healing. Now we offer it as an independent optional training for students who desire to have more review and intensive practice of Level 3 contents especially a longer period of Bi Gu. It is not a prerequisite for Qigong Level 4 Formal Study Program or Qigong Instructor Training Program, but is a prerequisite for Level 3 Certificate Program Retreat)

Training Format:
9-Day Level 3 Bi Gu Enhancement Retreat (7-day Bi Gu, 2-day Hui Gu is included)
(Arriving Friday by 3pm, departing Saturday 10am)

Bi Gu ( 7 day Bi Gu, 2 day Hui Gu)
Collecting Light and Ru Ding Meditation Training
Abdominal Qi Healing and Sound Healing

Scheduled Dates:  This event is offered Feb 21-29 by Qi Dragon in 2020.

Email office@qidragon.com to obtain details if you are eligible.

ANIMAL POLICY: No animals are allowed to all our workshops and retreat trainings except certified service animals specified by ADA law. Please alert us to the need for accommodation at the time you register.

REFUND POLICY: There is no partial participation for this program. The application fee is not refundable in any event. The lodging deposit is non-refundable but will be refunded in full if your application is not accepted or if the program is cancelled. The tuition fee is 80% refundable if cancellation is made in writing 45 days before the retreat and there will be no refund if the cancellation is made within 45 days of the retreat. Our future program fees are subject to change without notice. Qi Dragon does not guarantee any future programs either.

2017 Level 3 Formal Study Retreat at Ukiah
Level 3 Qigong retreat group 1
2014 Level 3 Qigong Group