Te Yi Healing Experiences

Healing Experiences from SF Free Te Yi Clinic either as a receiver or a student practitioner of Te Yi Medical Qigong: “I arrived at the clinic and Valerie was to be my practitioner. I have a connection with her because she has seen me in the clinic and we were both at Tassajara together. When I came in I noticed Grandmaster Zhang’s photo on the wall – and I felt something like when I would go to a sacred place- that I was in the presence of something or someone greater than myself. So Valerie started and she suggested I imagine a white light coming from the top of my head and pouring down my body. So I meditated on that, as if the light were a waterfall. First, the light was stuck at my heart area, and I started to cry. I thought of Grandmaster Zhang and my condition and about being released from it. I thought too about my father’s father at some point, how he was an invalid due to his exposure to chemical weapons or something during World War I. He had been a firefighter but became disabled as a youngish man and developed Parkinson’s disease. My father said he knew him mostly as an invalid and he died at 45 or 46 when my father was about 10. The autopsy showed he had cancer throughout his body. Anyway, I was crying and thinking about him and the sadness of my father that he never showed us but must have felt deeply. I also yawned a lot. And then near the end of the treatment I felt this flooding of energy into my right side, both my arm and leg felt then just tingling. When I was still lying there I was able to lift my right knee off the cushion a bit – which was not something I would think my right leg could do.” —a M.S. patient

“As soon as I put my hands on this M.S. patient after Invoking Shifu (the rare time I ask Shifu to work through me since I feel I do not have the sufficient energy level to treat complicated diseases) I could feel a tremendous suffering that was coming from far far away and was beyond her body. This is when I started crying and realized she was crying too. I let her cried and released, told her it was not a problem and that it was actually a good thing because something larger than us was happening. I also told her that I got the sense that the ancestors were involved in this disease. I do not know how I knew this, but I was sure of it and my body was vibrating. I really did not do much besides the Magic Palm Healing Method, Yi Needles on her head and knees and massaging her legs. All the work was done through the mind begging the Universe to release her karma, and clear the ancestor’s. I also created an energy line going from her Ming Men down both legs firing up the nervous systems. I saw her legs move, I saw her walking in my mind’s eye. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do the healing. I am very humbled by this experience.” —Valerie B. Level 2 Certificate Program student tells her side of story as the Te Yi Medical Qigong student

Healing Experience from Te Yi Distant Healing: “During the session,I saw a small flash of light in left, then right eye. multiple pinpoint burning sensation around neck and left ankle jerking down of right shoulder. I detected a strange burning smell. I had warmth in my neck. Knees were cool. General feeling was cool except for lower back. I had transient burning sensation in my lower back. After the session, my back is no longer hurting at all. Neck bones do not creak anymore when I turn my head. Thank you.” — a retired pilot with arthritic problems who received a Te Yi distant healing treatment from Phyllis W. our Level 3 Certificate Program student

A true story of self healing through Qigong practice by a Qi Dragon® student May 26, 2014 “I was reaching out in a toaster oven when I ended up making contact with the heating elements. Both tips of middle and ring fingers of the right hands touched the hot device. By the time I felt the burn, both finger tips were quickly darkening and the skin started to bubble up. The burning pain was quite intense. I right away covered my fingers with my left hand and start Magic Palm Healing Method while chanting the healing mantra. I did this for about 2 minutes but the burning sensation was not decreasing, then I thought about using Life Preserving Sword Finger Stance as it is designed to project cooling Qi that is usually used in case of inflamed heat conditions. The burning sensation first increased in the initial several minutes into the practice, then dissipated after about 10 minutes, the pain decreased dramatically after 15 minutes. I did the Sword Finger practice for as long as 45 minutes after which time, there was just a little brown aureole left at both tips of fingers and all pain was gone. The day after, all trace of burn had disappeared. There was instead a new thin thickness in the skin and the skin color was all normal. I am amazed at the healing power of this Qigong practice and grateful that I can do healing on myself now!” —48 years old female student

A report from September 6, 2014 Free Clinic Day: “I recovered from a sciatica which left me with constant numbness,tingling, tightness, weakness, cramping from time to time on my left side. Everything subsides and reoccurs but never really goes away.I recently strained my left ankle and have tried many therapies. My calf and ankle was becoming tighter and was not subsiding with stretching. I received Liping’s email and decided to try Qi Gong therapy. This is the first time I had Te Yi Medical Qigong from the therapist, Dianna. I left feeling very little strain and a week later still feel great. I sat in her chair she explained what she was going to do and towards the end she cupped my ankle and heel area. When she was done I still felt a warmth and when I stood up I noticed very, very little strain. I am so thankful!” —Margaret H.

Certificate Student’s Self Healing Experience with Te Yi: “Heavenly Essence Qigong and Te Yi special medicine are like tools, the more we use them, the more effective they become, and gradually we become master craftsmen of our own lives. We can use these tools in normal times and in times of crisis, as I had the unfortunate but ultimately rewarding opportunity to experience. A couple months ago I slipped while pruning a limb from a madrone tree and I sliced open my left index finger with a saw. The cut was deep. My first reaction was fear, panic, and remorse, but almost immediately my Qigong training kicked in. I started breathing deep into my Lower Dan Tian. I decided to take the rest of the day off, and focus almost exclusively on healing. I rested my hands on my Lower Dan Tian, nourishing Qi, and I applied Magic Palm Healing Method to my wounded finger. I visualized the molecular structure of my cells changing, re-forming, and binding themselves to each other. I accepted that the accident happened. I realized that the damage was done, but I knew that the healing could begin immediately. I recited the mantra “clear the inflammation, stop the pain, recover to normal” over and over again. When I took the bandage off the next day, the wound, that could have been stitched, had fused and the healing was well underway. Two days later I went to tabla class.” –Steve Brock, Level 2 Qigong Certificate Program Graduate