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Te Yi Certified Practitioners List (TYCP):
Certified Level 1 or 2 or 3 Te Yi Practitioners are those who have completed Level 1 or 2 or 3 Certificate Program with a certificate of completion respectively.

(This list is alphabetically arranged by Level of the certification and by practitioners’ first names)

Certified Level 3 Te Yi Practitioners: (1st Te Yi Certification Group)

Charity Burgess /San Francisco, CA
Chi Nguyen/Chicago, IL
Colleen Quen/San Francisco, CA
Dianna Mays/San Francisco, CA
Dominique Lunt/San Francisco, CA
Doug Miller-Fleig/San Francisco, CA
Ellen Hanak Valletta/San Francisco, CA
Jesse Witthoft/San Francisco, CA
Marie Hirsch/Cazadero, CA
Miguel (Mikey) Quiroz/San Francisco, CA
Min Thorne/Oakland, CA
Philip Brown/San Francisco, CA
Phyllis Whitney/San Francisco, CA

Class 2017 Te Yi Medical Qigong Certification Retreat Photo Album

Certified Level 2 Te Yi Practitioners:

Class 2018: (Students who have attended Te Yi Certification course)
Darren Hoffman
Erin Merk
Janara Iman
Katya Makarova
Kristin Clark
Maria Troy
Root Lincoln
Tre (pending)

List is to be completed.
Class 2017:

Class 2016:

Class 2015:

Class 2014:

Certified Level 1 Te Yi Practitioners:


Te Yi or Te Yi Medical Qigong is an ancient art of Chinese energy healing and is one kind of Qigong practices in the Heavenly Essence Qigong system. It doesn’t diagnose or treat any illnesses. A receiver receives natural healing effects from their own relaxed state and innate healing while a practitioner is doing the Qigong practice with them. Te Yi serves as a natural and special medicine due to its effect in stimulating a person’s innate healing potential that helps a body to maintain or recover to its balanced energy state. A Te Yi practitioner practices this type of Qigong through the Qi Assessment and Qi Regulation techniques with their Human Innate Special Functions (HISFs) and Yi Nian power or mind power. There has been no known adverse effects for doing Te Yi Medical Qigong or receiving Te Yi healing. Please direct all your medical conditions related questions to your physicians and verify your suitability for this type of energy practice. This is one of the most natural healing approaches.

Te Yi Medical Qigong is trademarked. You can only list yourself as a Te Yi Medical Qigong student practitioner or a Te Yi Certified Practitioner according to the training requirements you have met in our descriptions.

A Te Yi Certified Practitioner (TYCP) is authorized to use our trademark Te Yi Medical Qigong and can officially list themselves as a HEQ Te Yi Medical Qigong Certified Practitioner or Te Yi Certified Practitioner (TYCP) and practice Medical Qigong in a professional setting within the scope of what a lawful business requires. It is the responsibility of each practitioner to investigate and follow any business regulations of the city they practice in. All Te Yi Medical Qigong® Certified Practitioners will be listed on our website under Te Yi Practitioner Referral page. These practitioners offer their services independently from HEQ’s services but are trained and certified either originally by Qi Dragon or later by HEQI.